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Estúdio Guto Requena

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What if you could touch your love story?

We designed and developed the Aura Pendant app, an emotional mobile experience capable of turning your love story into a unique jewel.

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Photo: Luciana Dal Ri

Between design, technology and fashion

After the app is launched, the user is invited to tell their story. Two different inputs are collected during the narrative: from their index finger placed over the camera and flash, we collect heartbeat measurements; through the microphone we collect the emotions in their voice. The app transforms collected data into an unique and exclusive design, that is 3D printed and then transformed into a 18k gold pendant.

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An emotional

To make the experience even more immersive and ritualistic, we designed an interface that only uses gestures and voice. No buttons whatsoever. At the end of the experiment the user just need to take their finger off the camera and the 3D model of the jewelry is displayed.

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“We want to create meaningful products that can carry personal stories into an idea of emotional sustainability“
Guto Requena

Aura Pendant is part of the Love Project, that in partnership with Estúdio Guto Requena, is an experience of design, science and technology that turn emotions captured in love narratives into design objects.

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“We want to recreate the meaning of giving a jewel to someone”
Edson Pavoni

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Logo IF Design Award 2017

Love Project winner of
IF Design Award 2017
Category: Professional Concept