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Estúdio Guto Requena

Dancing Pavilion teaser fallback

We made a pavilion dance with people during the Olympic Games

D3 developed the technology for a kinetic dancing pavilion that interacted with people during the 2016 Summer Olympics along with Estúdio Guto Requena.

Dancing Pavilion image project

Photo: Fernanda Ligabue / Rafael Frazão

Music and audience synced with the building

The pavilion was formed by a sensitive dancefloor connected to a kinetic architectural skin, along with 345 round mirrors. Each mirror could be rotated in 360 degrees, synchronously forming animations, letting light through, and changing the color of the space.

  • 345 round mirrors

  • 300 square meters

Dancing Pavilion image project

The dynamics of movement

We calculated and designed the mechanical system responsible for movimenting each module using stepper motors, a set of belts and pulleys, all designed specifically for the project.

Dancing Pavilion image project
Custom hardware for high performance

Achieving sync and fluid animations in a 345-node-network, considering high torque motors running in Rio de Janeiro's heat was not a trivial electronic engineering task. It was pure fun, nonetheless.

Dancing Pavilion image project

Photo: D3

Real-time control and response

The interaction between the dancefloor and the people inside the pavillion happened through a set of sensors that continually analysed how the audience was behaving on the building's boundaries. Those sensors were responsible for feeding the animation software that in its turn, orchestrated the movement of the kinetic architectural skin.

Dancing Pavilion image project

“The most lively club of the 2016 Olympics”

The result was a kinetic sculpture that hypnotized people from far, and turned that space into an electrifying club during the Olympic Games.

  • 524 visitors
    per hour

  • 16kpeople made the structure dance

“As emotional architecture, it shivers like an excited body”

“(...) Take them to a state of dream, joy and escapism”
Guto Requena

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