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The new era of corporate repayments

D3 was responsible for the creation and development of Zag, a platform that transforms corporate expenses management into something fast, convenient and hassle-free.

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Transparency, simplicity and clarity

For the user it is possible to specify the expense amount, attach a digital receipt, and track the final value and payments. For the company, a tailored interface allows the financial administrators to flexibly organize requests, and manage user's credits and roles.

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From a real problem to an innovative solution

Zag was created to solve a real problem found internally in D3, when organizing corporate expenses. From that, it became a startup with five partners to help other companies as well.

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“The app has already won customers in several segments: consulting, bank, law firms, builders, startups and others”

Zag is for large and small companies. It is possible to hire a specific plan for each need.

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Mobile e desktop

You can start using Zag from any iOS or Android device, or browser at